40-750 Katowice
ul. Warsztatowa 8 b
tel./fax +48 32 206 62 56
tel./fax +48 32 352 44 40 do 42
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Firma z jakością

Z radością i dumą informuję, że katowicka Izba Rzemieślnicza uhonorowała DRUKARNIĘ WYDRUK statuetką symbolizującą najwyższą jakość.

Wyróżnienia i nagrody
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As of today, we co-operate with numerous:

  • advertising agencies;
  • publishing houses;
  • graphic design studios;
  • public relations agencies.

Furthermore, we intend to establish co-operation with new partners, which may be profitable for both parties. On our part, we can ensure the highest printout quality, timely order execution and reliability, which is much more valuable than even most meticulous contracts.

If you are interested in co-operation, you are very welcome to contact the following person:

Andrzej Rębisz - Manager of the Printing House

Phone./fax 32 – 206 62 56 ext. 14


Also, we would like to invite you to our office, where we can present to you the printouts we have completed so far, as well as discuss the conditions of our future co-operation.

Strony internetowe: IntraCOM.pl