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01. Terms and Conditions

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First things first:

The Customer and the calculation of the price, including all the details. Terms of payment are one of the more important questions here. Most frequently, it will be a transfer following the completion of printing, but if is our first order from a given Customer, a partial prepayment may be requested.

The next step of the procedure begins with handing the design over to the Customer Service It is at this moment that the role of the Customer is partially completed, as now it is time for the experts to start working, and the whole process is launched, supervised by the Manger, whose task is to make sure that the quality of the printout is as good as possible.

The printing itself begins in the exposure room where a cromalin proof or a digital proof is made. Next, an offset copy , is made (which is not so easy to complete) and handed over to the printing room, where a team of technicians have to determine and set appropriate parameters.

Afterwards, the printout enters another stage, during which it undergoes refinement. Refinement comprises a very wide range of activities, so if you are interested in further details, we invite you to visit our Printing House.

Having completed the printing and the refinement process, the whole stock is moved on to the binding room, where cutting, folding, bending, gluing, spiral bending, among others, are performed.

The final stages of the order execution procedure involve a very careful quality check-up and the preparation of the whole stock for transport, which is effected with the use of our delivery vans.

Below, a workflow diagram of an order execution procedure is presented (to magnify the picture, please click on it).